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Shining Tears is a "hack 'n' slash" style action role-playing video game for the Playstation 2.


Shining Tears is an action role-playing game. The game is mission-oriented, and the player(s) have a headquarters. The game also features multiple endings that are dependent on which character is used to partner with Xion the most.

Valeria region[]

An overworld view of the Valeria Region.

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The Valeria region is home to many towns, all of which have unique races and factions. The player can transverse these locations in-between missions. More locations are unlocked during the course of the game.

Heroes' Hearth[]

This tavern, owned by Volg, is the headquarters for Weissritter. Heroes' Hearth is where most of the time will be spent. The player can talk to party members, review previously defeated monsters if they have the appropriate monster cards with Pios. Heroes' Hearth also houses the First Otherworldly Mirror and Second Otherworldly Mirror and the entrance to Headquarters. The First Otherworldly Mirror and the Second Otherworldly Mirror allow the player(s) to do free play with previously completed missions either single-player or two-player respectively. The Otherworldly Mirror allows the player(s) to use any characters to complete them. The headquarters, once unlocked, is used to complete missions.


To complete a mission, the player must kill all enemies, kill the enemies' leader, or advance to a town or landmark. The enemy side wins if they kill the party's leader, Xion, or if the player chooses to escape. As with other Shining games, players can grind for levels and items by repeatedly escaping from a mission and restarting it, killing enemies and collecting items each time.

Xion and Elwyn engaged in combat.

Battles take place in real time, and allow for two playable characters at a time: the player character and the partner character. The left stick is used to move the player character; the right stick is used to move the partner character. The Directional Pad is used to select skills and items and change them. The Circle button is used to perform normal attacks and combos, and pick up and interact with items and objects on the field. The X button is used to cancel partner linked. The Square button uses the selected consumable item. Holding L1 and R1 respectively keep the player character and partner character locked in position. Pressing R1 selects the partner's link skill and pressing it once more will execute it. Pressing the pause button opens the Command Menu, from which the player can use items and initiate partner links. Holding and then releasing L2 and R2 performs a charged dash for the player and partner characters, respectively.

The partner character's movement can be controlled with either the right stick or locking them in place. Whenever the player is not inputting commands for the partner character, the partner character will automatically follow the player character and engage their combat skills as directed by the A.I.


Shining Tears allows CO-OP play through the Second Otherworldly Mirror (co-op is not allowed during the story mode). The second player controls are the same as the single-player controls for the player character, except both players can initiate a partner link by pressing the L1 Button, and the other player can execute it by pressing the R1 Button.

Leveling up, status points & skill points[]

Experience Points (EXP) are awarded after an enemy is defeated. When a character gain enough EXP, they gain a level and their HP, SP and Status are fully recovered. With each level up a character gains Status Points and Skill Points. Status Points increase a character's attributes. Skill Points can unlock new skills or level up previously obtained skills.

Weapons, armor & items[]

Each character has their own weapon type. Unlike traditional Shining games where a character could be equipped with a new weapon, these weapons are leveled up and changed with materials that are awarded at the end of missions, found in chests, hidden around maps, and randomly dropped from monsters. There are four tiers for each weapon, and three variants in a tier. Once a weapon has gone up a tier, it can not be brought back down, but they be leveled up to the another tier or changed to another variant in the same tier. For instance, a tier 2 weapon can believed up to a tier 3 weapon or changed to another tier 2 variant.

Armor and accessories can generally be used by anyone as long as they meet the general requirements to equipment armor and accessories.

Monster cards[]

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Monster cards are randomly dropped from defeated monsters. These cards, if brought to Pios in the Heroes' Hearth, can be catalogued them and viewed. The monster cards provide statistical information of the monster portrayed.




Playable characters[]

  • Xion - The main character and protagonist of Shining Tears. The bearer of the Twin Dragon Rings. He suffers from amnesia, but retains his fighting skills.
  • Elwyn - An elf hunter who discovers Xion washed up on the shore in the Valeria Region and takes him to Heroes' Hearth. She wields a bow in a battle.
  • Ryuna - A human priestess of the Temple of Etwarl, who serves the Dragon God. She is a very considerate and caring person. She wields a staff and is incredibly skilled with healing magic.
  • Lazarus - A young dragonute who serves as Ryuna's Guardian and her best friend. He wields a massive axe in battle.
  • Blanc Neige - A reserved mage who is skilled in ice type magic. She serves under Vlog as a mercenary. She wields a wand in battle.
  • Volg - An elderly wolf who is also the Commander of Weissritter and owner of the tavern, Heroes' Hearth. He uses claws in battle.
  • Mao - A quarter-beast who possesses cat-like features. She has ninja skills and serves under Volg.
  • Keiner
  • Cupid

Non-player allies[]


  • Behemoth