Shining Wiki

This is the policies page for Shining Wiki. All things to keep you away from getting blocked or warned is right here. There is also a simplified ruleset to view.


  • You agree to Wikia's Terms of Use.
    • You should be at least 13 years or older to edit.
  • No inappropriate contents, images, etc.
    • Drugs, sex, dating, violence (in the form of harassing another user), religion, racism content, etc. You will receive a block.
  • Do not add profanity into any pages (talk pages, articles, etc.).
  • Do not plagiarize from another's work. Use your own knowledge, or use citations.
    • Do not add information that you cannot prove. As stated, please use citations.
  • Do not remove content from articles.
  • Do not harass another user.
  • Refrain from making small changes and coming back to fix it or adding more. Fluff editing is not aloud.

Breaking these rules will result in a temporary block or expulsion from the wiki (infinite block).