Sword of Darkness, Dark Sword or Darkblade is a weapon that appears in several Shining games.

Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention[edit | edit source]

In the fight against him in Dragonia, Kane has the Sword of Darkness equipped. Later, while Max is talking to King Kusuko in Prompt, Otrant appears and tells them that the Sword of Light and the Sword of Darkness are required to create the Chaos Breaker, so King Kusuko gives it to Max. The Sword of Darkness is a cursed weapon that gives 40 attack points and casts Desoul level 1 when used.

Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing[edit | edit source]

This sword is not the same as the Sword of Darkness from the previous game. In the fight against the Red Baron, he has the Dark Sword equipped. Later, Lemon is found in Yeel attempting suicide, then he joins with the Dark Sword equipped. The Dark Sword is a cursed weapon that gives 50 attack points and casts Desoul level 1 when used.

Shining in the Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Darkblade was a gift from Melvyl (Mephisto) to Mortred, to rob him of his will and torn him into Mephisto's servant. It also appears as a

The Darkblade in Shining in the Darkness

dummied, cursed weapon, which gives 160 weapon factor and when equipped, prevents Hiro from being controlled by the player and makes him automatically cast Blaze level 4 on all the enemies and party.

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