Sword of Hajya
Sword of Hajya image
The Sword of Hajya's in-game icon.
Vital statistics
Type Sword
Effects Can break Iom's power
casts Freeze level 3 when used as an item
Source Varies
Cost to buy cannot be bought
Cost to sell cannot be sold
Cost to repair unbreakable

The Sword of Hajya is a unique magical weapon belonging to the royal family of Cypress. It is most known for its distinct trait of being the only thing capable of breaking Iom's power.


Nothing is said about how or why the sword was originally created, but it has been in the hands of Cypress's royal family for some time, and the fact that none but members of the Cypress royal family can wield the weapon means it was almost certainly forged for them. The sword is of very strong mystic power, comparable to the Chaos Breaker a.k.a. Force Sword.


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  • Nick, the weapon's wielder

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