SF3 Synbios Portrait.png
Hero Synbios
Race Human
Birthplace Flagard
Relatives Conrad, father
Margaret, sister
Physical description
Gender Male
Class Swordsman -> Hero -> Apostle of Light
Faction Republican army
Media appearances Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Shining Force III Scenario 3: Bulzome Rising

Synbios (シンビオス Shinbiosu) is a lord of the Aspinian Republic, known best for being the son of Lord Conrad, one of the Republic's founding fathers. He is the protagonist of Shining Force III Scenario 1, an NPC in Shining Force III Scenario 2, and again a playable character in Shining Force III Scenario 3.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Synbios has dark green eyes and dark brown hair. Prior to his promotion, he wears lighter combat armor and carries a shield. Upon being promoted, he no longer carries a shield in favor of somewhat heavier armor. Both ranks have an orange outer armor and green inner clothing.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While it is largely up to the player as to what kind of person Synbios is in Scenario 1, his personality is shown more in Scenarios 2 and 3. However, in the latter iterations, Synbios is shown to be a civil and forgiving soldier, who had suffered several losses to the enemy, but had still managed to continue on without spite.

Family and relations[edit | edit source]

Synbios' father is Lord Conrad, a high ranking official in the Aspinian Republic. He has an older sister named Lady Margaret, a brother-in-law named Lord Tristus (both leaders of Malorie, a Republic City), and a nephew named Algernon.

He is best friends with Dantares.

Powers and Skills[edit | edit source]

Synbios is skilled with bladed weapons, notably swords and knives. His magic powers include the ability to teleport his battalion away from combat and back to churches if need be (this trait is maintained among all 3 protagonists), alongside being able to conjure lightning at opponents.

Story[edit | edit source]

Due to his father's ill health he is sent to the peace talks between the Republic and the Empire in his place. While in Saraband as the conference is going on, he and his group consisting of Dantares, Grace, and Masqurin explore the city. During this time, the group nearly get into a fight with Imperial Soldiers, though this is broken up by Prince Medion. Shortly after, things take a turn for the worse, when a group of Masked Monks appear and attack the group. The 4 defeat them, and encounter King Benetram and Emperor Domaric being escorted by more Monks. Confused, they return to the conference room, discovering Benetram again, but Domaric is nowhere to be found. As a result, conflicts begin to escalate in Saraband, starting the events of Shining Force 3.

Combat Dialogue[edit | edit source]

English (Scenario 1 Only)

"Ta?" When using his various wave abilities

"Rain, Thunder!" When casting "Spark"

"Rise, Phoenix!" When summoning "Phoenix"

"Is this the end?" When dying

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