Shining Wiki

Hey there! I'm Bermuda, a bureaucrat and administrator of this wiki since February 15, 2012. I joined this wiki on December 19, 2011, because I couldn't help myself but to... well help. I have a passion for editing; because of this, I edit several wikis, such as Toontown, Bomberman, and Pokémon, all of which I admin at. Anyways, I have many plans to improve this wiki. Feel free to drop by on my talk page and leave me a message!

I'll make some improvements to my user page to tell more about myself and my experiences with Shining Force. :)

Since the wiki is no longer active, besides me, I'll be making my own choices to improve the wiki until users start to pop out of the closet and contribute to the wiki. For more in depth information, please read my recent post.

Things that the wiki could really use right now

  • Main Page (definitely!)
    • Navigation
  • Logo (current one for aesthetic look)
  • Background
  • Community Corner - halfway finished
  • Organized category system
  • Templates
    • Listing templates
  • And some other things that I simply cannot think of right now...

To-Do List

  • Shining Tears X Wind
    • Episode guides
      • Pictures
      • Templates
    • Characters
    • Locations
    • Listing Template

Bot runs

Ideas but aren't quite ready to be fully supported

  • Portal/Game/Directory namespace for games acting like directories to other pages from the game (will include short summary of the game, Characters, Locations, Spells, Weapons, Items, etc.)
  • Battle pages, a page summarizing the events during the battle, characters available (if necessary), enemies, surroundings, etc.