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Hi, welcome to Shining Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Martin III (Talk) 19:05, December 19, 2011


Lol you joined this wiki too? Cool, I joined awhile ago and just make sure the wiki doesn't have any vandalism. I've been too busy to edit here often, but I plan on expanding it. --Bullet Francisco 21:12, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Wow. It's a small world after all. x) Well, right now I'm fixing up character pages, since I added a part to the image parameter. But as of now, I'm nearly completing the List of Items on Pokemon, so I probably won't have time to fix up some things here. Bermuda • Triangle • 21:39,12/23/2011
Woah, this wiki looks awesome, Bermuda! I love the main page design! Do you mind if I use a little coding from it elsewhere? Fantastic job as always! --Bullet Francisco 21:55, February 23, 2012 (UTC)
Thanks; go ahead and use it! :D Bermuda • Triangle • 04:02,2/24/2012

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I want to join your Shining Wiki!

(occasional editor joins the Shining Force)

Hi. It would be best if you can create an account: to keep up with your edits and be known around the community. :) Bermuda • Triangle • 17:04,2/11/2012

Adoption Request[]

Hi. Great job on the wiki so far -- I've given you admin and bureaucrat rights. Good luck with it! -- Wendy (talk) 05:16, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks! :) Bermuda • Triangle • 05:19,2/15/2012

Coloring bottom category[]

Not sure if you did anything with those yet, but I'd suggest adding the blue border around the categories section at the end of the page, just to match everything else... :P --

Bullet Francisco My Talk[[Special:Contributions/Bullet Francisco|Special:Editcount/Bullet Francisco Edits ]]Email Me 19:09, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry for the long wait. Would you mind giving me the code? I've been pretty busy lately, and I haven't been editing any wiki. Bermuda • Triangle • 03:55,3/15/2012

Anime Template[]

General info include: genre, director, producers, writer, studio, network, original run, number of episodes

~~Whiteknight810210 ~~

Could you make an infobox temp for the anime?

~~Whiteknight810210 ~~


This place is incomplete, isnt it? I can help you fill a few articles up, if you don't you? :P

Exhibition mode[]

could you turn exhibition mode on for category pages?Yahyanime (talk) 18:21, September 11, 2016 (UTC)

Wiki Formating Request[]

Dont know if this is the place to do it, is there any way you could added blade arcus from shining to the tabs at the top of the wiki. Under Shining series, perhaps a new sub-tab called spinoff and then a link from there to the blade arcus from shining page. It is a big shining game and is still being supported as it is getting a new version in a month of writing this. Thank you ---- DCHShadow

Affiliate Request[]

Sakura Taisen Wiki can affiliate this wiki? link:

Cjr3 (Cjr3) 02:06, July 02, 2019 (UTC)User:Cjr3