Frayja the Vicar is ready to bless this mess.

Vicar (VICR) is a recurring class in the Shining series and is a promoted class to Priest.

In Shining Force, the prepromoted class was called Healer (HEAL), but still promoted to Vicar (VCR). In Shining Force II, Priests could be promoted to the Master Monk (MMNK) class instead of Vicar if holding a certain item, and in Shining Force III they can be promoted a second time to Bishop.

Description[edit | edit source]

As the class name suggests, Vicars typically hail from holy or religious backgrounds, using their powers of light to aid the wounded in battle.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

In battle, Priests are often regarded as essential party members due to their useful supportive and healing spells. They usually have higher attack and defense and with their healing spells, can hang in the fight longer than most.

Vicars use similar weapons to Priests but some have access to stronger ones.

A Master Monk's spell selection usually includes Heal as their initial spell, with many also learning the area-effecting Aura spell. They will usually learn the spell Detox, and many learn one or more secondary spells, such as Slow or Quick/Boost. Some Master Monks can also learn offensive spells, such as Blast, but usually their melee attacks do more damage than any of their available spells and these tend to serve for ranged or area-affecting attacks.

Vicars can usually be used as additional melée fighters as well as healers, and can usually handle some punishment from enemy attacks, although caution is required as they tend to be a priority target for some enemies, you should not be afraid of getting them too close to combat - treat them with care, and they'll be tough enough to do the same to the rest of the Force.

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