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Jaha the Fighter from Shining Fore II with his huge axe for some choppin!

Warrior (WARR) is a recurring class in the Shining series. Gladiator (GLDR) is most commonly the promoted class of a Warrior, but variants include Baron.


As the name suggests, Warriors are usually being of armored fighter backgrounds, using their physical powers in battle.

Their races vary, but typically include Humans and Dwarves.


In battle, warriors are often regarded as essential party members due to their useful fighting ability and straightforward battle style. Getting up close and personal to take on the enemy is usually the best bet with them. They can do rather high damage and are the bread and butter of most early fights.

Warriors tend to use Swords and Axes as weapons but there are exceptions.

Warriors usually don't have spells or other abilities but can use items such as the Heat Axe or Atlas Axe as items to pseudo cast a spell.

Earlier on in games they can usually be used as additional melee fighters and can usually handle some punishment from enemy attacks as frontline fighters.