Woldol image.gif
Vital statistics
Race Race of the enemy
Faction Iom
Appearance Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force CD
Health Points 50
Magic Points 110
Attack 56
Defense 34
Speed 24
Movement 5
Spell(s) DemonBreath and Boost Level 2
Special Attacks none
Items none

Background[edit | edit source]

Woldol is a follower of Iom who wormed his way into the position of ambassador in Cypress. He was responsible for the demise of the king of Cypress and used Edmond as a puppet ruler to achieve his plans. He also put a sleep spell over Queen Anri, killed Mayfair's father and blinded Mayfair.

Eventually, the Shining Force lead by Prince Nick takes him on and he calls on Iom's power to turn himself into a scorpion creature. Nick uses the Sword of Hajya to break through the defences created by Iom, but he is wounded in battle and the wound turns Nick's arm to stone. After being slain by the Shining Force, Woldol comes back from death by unexplained means; he says only that "After defeat and death, my soul couldn't rest", perhaps hinting that his taking the power of Iom into his body gave him a degree of immortality. He faces the Shining Force lead by Deanna at the Shrine to Iom as Death Woldol. When he is defeated, his body melts away.

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