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Zeon image
King of the Devils, Zeon
Vital statistics
Race Devil King
Faction Devil Army
Appearance Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict(Mentioned)
Health Points 500
Magic Points 180
Attack 127
Defense 50
Speed 203
Movement 0
Spell(s) none
Special Attacks Demon Breath
Demon Breath 2
Items none
Gold 0

Zeon is the main antagonist in Shining Force II. He is the king of devils sealed at ground seal in Granseal.


Zeon is released from his prison when the thief Slade removes the Jewel of Light and the Jewel of Evil from the Ancient Shrine south of Granseal.

During the events of Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, Mishaela sacrificed herself after being mortally wounded to revive Darksol at the place Zeon was sealed so he could use Zeon's power. Yet this plan backfired as Zeon held back Darksol's full power so the Shining Force was able to defeat and reseal him.

Shining SoulEdit

In here he is working with Darksol for the Dark Dragon and is encountered in the Deol waterway. He says he is surprized the player made it as far as him and admits to underestimating the player. He vows to not be defeated and fall behind Darksol and begins the fight. He attacks by ducking in and out of the water pools like a Whack A Mole game and releasing poison in either a blast or a 4 way shot from him. He also takes swipes at the player when close enough. He can't be touched underwater but when he comes up he's vulnerable. At times he leaves the arena and swims around the stone platform before returning to the fight. After the final blow is struck he expresses disbelief that he could be beat by someone like the player. He says he'd never accept it and says he'll wait for Darksol at the bottom of the earth.

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